"TWISTER" Museum is worth the trip!

Did you see the movie TWISTER?  If so, you
                        were bound to be impressed with the
                            devastation that the movie's F-4
                                tornado caused the little 
                                  town of Wakita. Did they
                                    really do that to the town?
                                     The Twister Museum is a 
                                       fascinating glimpse into
                                       the film-making art, and
                                      the extent to which the
                                    crew must go to insure
                                   the greatest possible
                                 effect.  A visit to the
                               museum provides a
                             first-hand feel for  
                            the adventures
                           that happened
                           in this small
                           town for 
                           a summer.
                             Even if it isn't 
                              "on the way",
                                the TWISTER
                                    worth a    

 We are open from Tuesday through Saturday from 1-5 pm, 
April - August, so drop by to look around and say, "Hi"!


The Museum  celebrates "Twisters' " 20th year with a party on May 14, 2016  on Main Street, Wakita. Everyone is invited, so come join the fun!



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email:  info@twistercountry.com